I am an award-winning designer and art director. I have led many creative teams for advertising and design agencies as their employee, as well as an independent designer/consultant. I have taught typography at university level. And yes, I am an alumnus of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, UK.

My clients, former employers and colleagues consider my ideas insightful, my design skills supreme and my typographic skills exceptional. My reputation is of someone who is straightforward, honest and thorough. My designs work without having to depend on gimmicks.

As an independent designer and consultant, I have been serving individuals, small, medium and large firms, as well as advertising, media and design organisations. I actively seek design collaboratives and demanding communication design challenges.

Although, working with type is what I enjoy most, my body of work covers the full spectrum of graphic design, produced for print, web, screen and devices; including corporate identities, branding systems, publication design, information design, book design, packaging, outdoors and more.

I am a strong advocate of modern technologies and take time to research and experiment. I never forget the difference between a tight, and an unrealistic deadline. I do not make false promises and only accept an assignment where my input can make a difference. Instead of providing stopgap solutions, I insist on developing deep insights by working closely with my clients, which in turn brings out the best possible visual communication experience through a direct design process.

To view the samples of my work, please visit Eagles Eat Monkeys website, a design studio which I am a principal and the founder of.

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